Hebei University of Technology


Атрибут: Частный
уровень: Национальный проект 211
Тип: спорт
Место нахождения:предместья

Hebei University of Technology (HEBUT) is a key provincial university as well as one of the national universities under "Project 211". It is also an important university under the authority of Hebei province which specializes in engineering studies and combines multiple academic areas including technology, science, economics, management and arts

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город Tianjin
Google Map
Иностранные студенты 1,800
Всего учащихся 2,000,00
Жилье On campus
Postcode 300401
Адрес Xiping Road No.5340 ,Beichen District,Tianjin,China

In the long history of HEBUT, it fostered nearly 200,000 talents for the society.Since its establishment, HEBUT has always adhered to the motto “Diligence, Prudence, Devotion and Loyalty” to coach students and conduct research, and has gradually developed a distinctive school-running  characteristic in which academic learning and engineering practice are equally stressed. With an open mind, HEBUT has been committed to international cooperation and attaches importance to the development, quality improvement and brand building of educational exchanges. SICAS recommended this university.

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